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Tips for Team Offense:
  1. An attackman who is under pressure from his defenseman should be given help by his adjacent teammates.
  2. On screened shots the crease man should be prepared to knock his defenseman out of the way in order to get the (possible) rebound.
  3. Your first look after receiving a pass is at the guy who threw it.  He should be cutting to the cage, looking for a give-and-go.  After that, look to the crease for any other cutters, and then to the next man around the outside.
  4. If you receive a pass after cutting and haven't got a good shot, hold onto the ball. There is no sense is wasting the possession; pull the ball out and move it around.
  5. When shooting, aim for where the goalie isn′t.  Corners are preferable, as are bounce shots.  Also, on close up shots, be sure to throw a quick fake before shooting.
  6. After picking up a loose ball, look to the crease.  Chances are, there will be some d-men out of position after an unsettled situation.  Use this window of opportunity before they get set up to try and drive to the cage.
  7. Don't dodge if there is an open man. Don't hold the ball long unless you are planning a dodge. Keep it moving with quick, short passes.
  8. Never try to force the ball to the crease while the defense are sloughed on the men there.  Draw them out first by having every man on offense be a threat, all the time.
  9. Never stand so close together that one man can cover two attack men.  Two men who are close to each other (such as creasemen in a 1-4-1) should be constantly working with each other, setting picks, rolling off picks, etc., working to get open and get the ball.
  10. Keep spread on offense: getting bunched up makes the defense′s job easier and cuts down on your room for movement.
  11. Time your cuts so that the man with the ball not only sees you, but has control of the ball and is able to pass it when you are in scoring position.
  12. Make your cuts count.  A single cut can mean several scoring opportunities, so after you′ve made it to the crease (at full-speed and ready to catch and score, of course) you should curl around behind the crease man, looking to lose your man and get open again.
  13. Zig your cuts, fake left - go right, fake right - go left. Don't always run at the same speed, change of pace is a very effective method of getting open.
  14. Every man on the attack should know and be capable of performing at least three different types of dodges.  Practice these as much as possible, because an attackman who cannot take the ball to the hole and score is not nearly as valuable to a team as one who can.
  15. When you lose the ball, ride it hard. A good ride can surprise the defense and take the ball back while they are not set up, giving the attack a shot at an easy goal.
  16. Don′t charge at man while riding; he will simply side step you and then have a clear lane up the field.  The techniques necessary on a ride are the same as those used by the defense against you all game long.
  17. The outcome of a ride is dictated by how bad the attack wants the ball and how hard they are willing to get it.
  18. Always remember that teamwork is the key to a good attack.