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Welcome to Waltham Youth Lacrosse On-Line Registration.

We will guide you through the steps as follows:

Please read all of the instructions for each step before proceeding.

Please take note that you cannot register for any Boy's team without registering on the MBYLL website, US Lacrosse is now optional membership for Boys and MANDATORY for Girls.

STEP ONE:  You must first register your child with the MBYLL or US Lacrosse respectively. After your child is registered with MBYLL/US Lacrosse you can come back to this page and go to step 2 and register with Waltham Youth Lacrosse.
Click on the link below to go to the MBYLL to register your child


Click on the “Boys Player Registration” button and fill out the forms.

Please note this process takes approximately 10 minutes and requires you to pay the fee for MBYLL registration.  You will need a credit card to make the MBYLL payment, this is not part of your Waltham Youth Lacrosse fees/registration.

At the conclusion of the registration you will receive a Registration Confirmation sheet with your child's confirmation.  Please print your MBYLL registration confirmation sheet and continue with the registration process to enroll your child in 

STEP TWO:  Enroll in Waltham Youth Lacrosse by choosing the grade your child is eligible for.

(For the registration in WYL the first page will ask for parent/guardian information, the second page will ask for the player/participant information.)

Find the appropriate program below: click on the register button and follow the instructions.


STEP THREE: Make your payment and avoid any additional fees.  If payment is not recieved within 10 days of registration your registration will be cancelled.  If you have balances from previous years you will be unable to register until they are cleared.